Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Resource area of Yunus Book CLUB2 (of facebook 100)

Turning Yunus Chapter 1 into a Book debating mysterious 20th C systems that failed to serve poverty, and how the denoument can be Social Business- Capitalism's Future

This book club began 18 Jan 2008- however long notes and submissions will use this idary space (ie Jan 007)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Systems Pattern Rule Testimony in Network (system**N) age to Club 2
Testimony by Chris Macrae - Yunus ABC resources, system blogger, transparency & sustainability exponentials mapper

PRO1 Future Shock of Systemic Whole Truth
Systems compound exponential consequences.
Primary measurement rules determine consequences.
Primary rules are those used at the most frequent decision-making cycles and rewards governing.
Over time a system is liable to compound the destruction of any non-primary goal.

PRO1 Consequence
Regarding the overall system people choose to integrate globalisation: if ending poverty’s extreme local traps is not a primary goal of any worldwide system, then that system will accidentally compound extreme poverty. This applies whatever name the system goes under – eg to NGOs; Governments; Development Elite eg world bank; Corporate Social Responsibility

PRO1 Advanced Test
Living systems are particularly tricky to put boundaries on. This is because they do not exist on their own but in interfacing smaller subsystems within them, bigger systems that contain them as well as environmentally where over times space that separated historic systems disappears and causes their collision. At this time over-competitive systems fail, and only collaborative ones have a chance of harmonising higher order value. Note testimonies around Global Reconciliation Network (eg Alfonso Lingis) demonstrate that cultures are a particularly critical type of system interface as nearly 7 billion people in under one generation come together around networking’s death of distance.