Monday, December 31, 2007

There's an idea afoot that economics will never be the same again after londoners and other world entrepreneurs have got at it in 2008 thanks to the Future Capitalism liberation led by Dr Yunus

but before we boldly go when none has gone before, perhaps there are some questions stimulated by early reading of Yunus new book on Social ABC (Action*Business*Change Capitalism): to communalise, prepare the way, ensure we are going on near enough the same future history journey

I ask readers of the book to help-including the 1000 we are sampling out of London - what Q&A can we voice to help those who havent got the book see why there is a completely new invitation? here from Yunus- your deepest grassroots project can connect with yours and ours and all of their connections can change capitalism if we free business from its 90 day extraction metrics chains, and make each social business measurable to compounding its future mission for life - Yunus has sorted out the maths of this; he's demonstarting how to do it by finding partners in nthe largest Base of the Pyramid experiments any nation has ever witnessed let alone Bangladesh; he's also a banker who is not interested in owning poverty solutions but listing poverty's crucial problems and cataloguing all known open solutions alongside each other so you can choose from or improve the menu at source

question 1 and some answers to impriove might be:
Yunus Flow Q&A1
Q: Truly, what’s use of globalisation economics? -why do people do economic theory?

To let every person and locality see and map what exponentials are rising and crashing their futures...

To ground the overall integration of societies in the united goal of ending systemic poverty..

I would particularly like to hear Rebecca’s views on this Q&A if time permits

Support for these answers and vocabulary:
Truth and system transformation vocabulary of Gandhi and Einstein

First 140 years of severe entrepreneurial questioning of great and good on future exponentials rising by The Economist; interesting now that Economist 2.0 may be called Asia Rising

World wars as churchill pointed out in 30s (and Gore has borrowed in 00.s) escalated by lurking over inconvenient truth – ie not intervening in time to prevent disastrous compound consequences

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