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First Half Yearly Reports on Future Capitalism

Background (your comments welcomed here at yunusworld dialogue #1)
BANGLADESH - It is probably the case that the 2 greatest microeconomists living today learnt to query their profession in Bangladesh whilst wars or famines were raging. It is definitely the case that Bangladesh has now spent over 30 years training over 100,000 grassroots networkers in community rising service economy.

FRANCE - as well as coining the word entrepreneur as the way of mapping how productively free are peoples, and how sustainable are communities' compound futures - France is leading today's mutinational corporate adoption of Future Capitalism with an SMBA at their leading business school and thanks to he brilaint corpoarte leaders at Danone, Veolia and Credit Agricole.

SCOTLAND's UNITED NATIONS 1850 - Adam Smith's hi-trust maps of free markets originated in the late 1700s but are often completely mistranslated by those who design economic models around big gets bigger. Adam's obsession with microeconomics aimed to reconcile his country's loss through a hostile takeover by the UK, an event around 1700 which led to Scots having more of our compatriots worldwide webbed than living in Scotland by the middle of the 19th century. Thus all local to global futures which you choose now benefit from history's proven experiences from these 3 quarters and others (eg gandhi's Satyhagraha -communities unite in whole truth - since 1907) which we look forward to
YOU informing US of.

yunusworld dialogue #1
where did the world's most trusted microeconomists experientially learn and where can we network community rising projects around them today -please comment

will you help yunus build humanity's most collaborative and sustainable networks

in november 007 intercity rumors that yunus was daring to ask this biggest question of human sustainability sooned started being confirmed; so far Dr Yunus has kindly shared 6 hours of a very busy january 008 with personal investigators of this subject out of London and aiming to collaborate with every city. we have been inviting a team of first 20 londoners to correspond on this in every way - email if you want a listing of the most active forst 20 of any particular month - meanwhile see some sample reasoings of why yunus book and its invitations to socially interact are changing people's world's here

here is a space for trying to synthesise what we hear; this is real time stuff and doubtless there will be correspondent errors to iteratively re-edit; if you vote for one world of humanity with all the knowhow to end poverty, lack of communal healthcare, wars and abuse of nature's abundant clean energies and foods and waters then please help us get the good news flowing anywhere that you believe people locally need to be inspired to sociloa action for everyone's futures

MAIL WRITTEN 28 January after 2 personal hours with Yunus in New York and train to Phildeplhia asking Londoners to connect the mother of all open networking colaborations in time for yunus UK vists feb 14-17

Excuse me - with many of you, I am being misinterpreted over many months from what I most wanted to voice and connect - mea culpa but equally as a mathematician I want to get back to maps and charetering open systems offering a world of integrated all-way round ("communally true") communications not nof one text nor one soundbite at a time, one noisy vested interest voice at a time be that a greedy owner or someone selling their own untried or closed idea

- yunus truth questioning ground zero london: sofia has promised such a yunus map will start going up physically on the wall of brixton hub the next time she's in there - it will have minimum background, maximum action project events that are already hapening but where people are invited to connect thrir flow to the events yunus networking goals -it would be a good idea if this map was 100% aware of the first worldwide web every built between yunus top 5 team in dhaka and the whole world of humanity namely

Yunus Forum London peers of mostofa, sofia and I have since dec 2006 been those who openly and actionably accepted invitations to meet yunus at whatever time or place or notice he could give - have had the unique priviledge of a total of 6 hours of private time with Yunus this month (january) the most frenetic he has ever had on a worldwide tour basis: so we wish to share absolutely all we could know-act and can flow connections of every yunus event but the way not to do that is for each of you to ping me with separate questions about each separate event

beyond our updating micro-printed world citizen guide which yunus has contributed the most sparking 1000m word summary of his book's chalenge to writeen on dec 25 for open source world citizenry , a way to guide this is to put up every side of what we each know -and could flow -about these events as well as any long-term projects we have permission to connect around yunus at eg a blog since we have not single tool that veryone knows how to begin to use

therefore I will send or resend invitations on everyone on this list to co-edit this blog

in particular if you have some detailed information about any of the events while yunus is in the UK please blog it or mail it to me as open information for me to put up wherever it best fits; equally if you see any news of world or capitalism changing that is directly prompted by yunus book or friends, pelase link us up

since discovering the book in mid november -and inviting londoners to hub around it with photocopies I brought over at ned november and books I distributed the first day of its uk launch - I have learnt that Dr Yunus has a crisis- there is one man in the midst of the 2 insane (ie compounding loss of human sustainability) globalisation worlds of corporate and charitable compound irresponsibility who with a 5 people team in dhaka is inviting people to re-netowk the world at every level issuing an invitation which if you like is the deep human side of what tim berners lee never integrated with his wishes for the www

whilst there are many geographical and cultural dimensions to the networks that need to be webbed if poverty is to be ended , a peaceful century co-created, abundant clean energy, food and water invested in naturally with the sun's photosythesis, healthy communities starting with every child's health care..., I have asked Dr Yunus the following questions very directly

1 do you want this web of networks to have as much impact over the next 5 eyars as microcreditsummit has as the world's most productive network - answer yes

2 is anyone of your historical contacts already shaping the networks you want - answer no?

3 are you really up for all 3 levels:

A - social Action : change awareness of every child, youth, educator of what wishes 21st C could still humanly sustain- invite cross-cultyral celebration of this

B: - Social Business - get every city to develop socila bsuienss stockamrkets until there are more social bsuienss activists than MBAs

C : Creative Future Capitalism : involve global corporations in Base of Pyramid partnership experiments of the like of which their innovation strategies have utterly ignored since 1984; ensure that Yunus as a 98 year old's likfe work in ending poverty in bangladeh is particularly accelerated by this hi-level network

there are detailed reasons why Yunus has to start building each of these networks as an open book not one that gets creamed off by the top as happened in 20th century; no example is clearer as a paradon than what happened last thursday

Bill Gates was explaining at WEF that he was inviting all major corporations tio come join in yunus books big base of byramid socila business partnerhsip benchmarking; at the same time as WEF management had refused to let delegates have yunus book cos they wanted to delegates to have their rival one; at the same time as one londonm team member was sharing an hour's personal train ride with yunus to listen to feedback on what the heck was london bookclubs of 1000 about and how seamlessly networked could he yunus expect the UK to be- would the Uk be as successful in continuing the momentum of his book as the USA in getting it to jump in at the bestseller list at number 18 soon to be in top 5

back in 1995 I write the book that began the genre of how to share an organsiation's most vital Q&A and openly network these outside and n; it is called brand chatering; one of the projects sofia promised to undertake 4 months ago was to study the book and help peer to peer it; you can start a 100 chartering bookclud with her if you like as copies are available in wimbledon more or less alongside yunus books

chris macrae

us 301 881 1655

if you decide that you wish to help yunus to the max then start studying searches like

Gates' one-liners and reading list
Seattle Times, United States - 3 hours ago
... pioneer and Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, who spoke here recently. A Wall Street Journal story on Gates' "creative capitalism" idea noted as much, ...

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been getting some good mileage from self-deprecating humor in recent high-profile speeches.

There was the sidesplitting "Bill's Last Day" video at the International Consumer Electronics Show. And last week, Gates opened his speech at the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, with these quips:

"As you all may know, in July I'll make a big career change. I'm not worried; I believe I'm still marketable," he said, getting laughs. "I'm a self-starter, I'm proficient in Microsoft Office. I guess that's it. Also I'm learning how to give money away."

Gates' Davos speech, which he described as the most important he'll give this year, centered on the idea of creative capitalism, "an approach where governments, businesses, and nonprofits work together to stretch the reach of market forces so that more people can make a profit, or gain recognition, doing work that eases the world's inequities."

The idea sounded to us like a version of the "social business" espoused by microcredit pioneer and Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, who spoke here recently.

A Wall Street Journal story on Gates' "creative capitalism" idea noted as much, and also shared the back story of how Gates developed the ideas he expressed in the Davos speech.

The books that he read, as reported by The Journal, include:

• "The Theory of Moral Sentiments," the less-famous predecessor to "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

• Former World Bank economist William Easterly's "The White Man's Burden," which suggests five decades of international aid have done little for the world's poor. Gates hated it, according to The Journal.

• "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid," by University of Michigan professor C.K. Prahalad, which argues that businesses should not overlook the world's poor as a market. Gates dined with him "near Seattle" in 2004, The Journal reported.

• "The Bottom Billion," by former World Bank director Paul Collier, which calls out the widening gap between the world's richest and the poorest.

Getting a break

With spring-break season looming, Farecast chimed in with this observation: Travelers will probably pay 10 to 12 percent more for a plane ticket during that time.

The Seattle-based company, which provides predictive information about airline fares, offers a couple of tips:

• Avoid traveling during the height of college breaks — around March 8 to 22.

• Think Tuesday. A Tuesday-to-Tuesday trip saves a bunch, especially compared with flying on weekends.

What's in an Office?

Todd Peters, the former Staples exec whom Microsoft hired to head up its Mobile Communications Business as corporate vice president of marketing, said he had a leg up when he took on the task of raising consumer awareness of his former employer. Staples came out with the "Easy Button" campaign under his watch.

Still, when he got there, he said, the biggest thing Staples had going for it on the branding front was that its name didn't start with Office (unlike Office Depot and OfficeMax).

Top of the clubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America last week named Robbie Bach, president of the Microsoft division responsible for fun, as chairman-elect for 2009-10. Under his watch, Microsoft has plunged into the video-game business with the Xbox and now Xbox 360 game console and the Zune digital media player.

Bach, officially president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, has long been involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs.

The news release was silent on whether Bach would hook the clubs up with Xbox 360s.

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