Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dear Mostofa

could you come to brixton hub at 3 on sunday

I am doing an hour meeting at 2.00 with tav to understand -for what is my very last time since crashing expoentials make me extremely impatient as a parent- whether anything he did in 2007 with 30K of my daughter's or anything he wants to do in virtual stuff has any open wave use that I can snap with DR yunus' 6 maps - ebank, ehealth, egov, e-edu, eagri (including climate), e-consumer with 10000 rural telecentres questioning the world for open and source models -at all 3 levels of social action, social business startups, meta-partners in open and compound-purpose "future capitalism" once the west coast internet companies have agreed their combined future capitalism social business with Dhaka- which at $100,000 3 year loan for starting up and sustaining 100 telecentres over 3 year is the best bargain any half way sane or hi-trust (rumors of what's possible since jan 6 Dhaka) worldwide brand expert or free marketer has even seen since the start of media with global or worldwide scaling , in which I include methods of consciouisness communing that have religious intensity but no particular god for men to politically storytell round-

but then I am just a simple systems mapping mathematician and would like to belivee god or good would always win out but see that human relations system patterns the bigger they are organised provide the exact opposite certainty while governed by badwill measures- something 1000 gandhians in delhi 2004 found easy to believe when I prestented an open whitepaper on coming wars between goodwill and badwill networks but 20-35 mobile-addicted singles round london seem unable to believe is sataygrahan- even when you invite them to look at 25 years between2 reformation bar of london barristers Gandhi and accidentally my maternal grandfather

we can then discuss any positive reports - eg were you at clinton uni

From this first trip to london since rac
from Tony Manwaring, Alan Mitchell, Robert Knowles, Rebecca Harding and I think Lesley (all 5 of which I have ultimately to advise that they go meet yunus in dhaka if you can find a diary space in te next year cos their projects are too big for sustainability than I can relieably act as some interface for) who is always deeper mapped on her own context s.aftrica than anyone apart from perhaps you on bangladesh

I need leave the hub at 4.30 thoiugh if anyone wants dinner with my father at 6.00in wimbledon they can come along

I dont use mobile - tav's is0780 956 9369


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