Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Christian

I particularly wanted to follow up your talk with emerging news from Nobel Laureate Dr Yunus whom I have met 4 times this year as it seemed that his views on how citizens can help network sustainability and multiply goodwill flow closely with what I understood of yours. I believe there is also overlap with the presentation made by George Dragnich.

1) I gather from this article that Grameen's solar and biogas services - already in use in over 100,000 households in Bangladesh have been approved by world bank as a carbon offset recommendation Is this what you were recommending?

2) This week I saw Dr Yunus before he jumped into a taxi to do a youtube from 10 Downing Street .
The PM and Yunus discussed the social business map of his new book as well as possible food crisis interventions and directing more aid to africa of the microcredit type. I believe he then flew over to New York and talked about the food crisis with the Deputy Director General at the UN

3) Dr Yunus' leading info tech builder Kazi Islam ceo Grameen Solutions was presenting recently at the UN on the plan to link in 10000 rural telecentres to question the www on 5 community building - health, agriculture, education, community empowering gov, media for needed consumer goods . You may already know his work - otherwise I have a Grameen prosepectus pdf on this if anyone wants a copy

4 In DC my next door neighbour works at the Japanese Embassy and says that Mr Yamamoto who leads JICA in USA is a fan of Dr Yunus. I don't know how to help connect all this possible grassroots momentum. In New York, Peter's monthy tavern for action debriefings around Yunus knowhow seems to be atracting the younger employees ready to run away from the big banks!

5 The thousand-reader Yunus bookclub that I host very much wants to help support any of the flows that can make these initiatives come together on all sides. If you have ideas on what we could do next or need any help in making sure that your ways of improving sustainability blend with Yunus team leaders in USA (headed by Norwegian Vidar Jorgensen) or Dhaka, I am always happy to try to make sure everyone knows who's who etc. We are focusing on obvious stuff that citizens need to rehearse like which 200 videos (half Yunus connecting, half from anywhere) help connect sustainability work and SMBA curricula around 24 worlds: the 3 under-represented populations : poor, women, youth; the 4 hemispheres; the big 6 community compasses, etc

We will probably be running off thousands of dvds now we have several hours of Yunus speeches which everyone can edit to dialogue around their context's deepest meanings and most urgent solutions needs.

Yours sincerely

Chris Macrae
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