Friday, May 2, 2008

connecting 10 types of people empowering communications and community-building project solutions

samuel -whether summit hosts know it or not , a summit is only worthwhile if it connects through practice futures as well as past open source but communally viewable learnings with about 10 other things which we spent 4 days discussing in dhaka with Dr Yunus team at the start of the year -other things include interalia:

*hub spaces for quickly testing which projects fail

*meta-hubs of which africa has the best in blecher's free university

*videos made for people to debate and peer to peer cluster so they know which small collection of videos makes their community rising case, explains how they will practice community up, communicates such celebration of humanity that potential naysayers are literally blown off their pulpits

*some virtual mode of communication of which email is always the most cross-culturally communal and deepest context-gravitating to trust map round and low cost in spite of all the wizard virtual community boxes people throw at us


I will assume for now this conversation is on videos/youtube produce. Then in terms of people who I believe are 100% committed to letting yunus guide us through his colaboration world changing book;

when practical you should keep in contact with mark as a filmaker and storyteller researcher;

probably lesley or peter as people who understand the grassroots africa have problems that the top are not solving.

In parallel Mostofa knows bangladesh has problems and solutions having spent 30 years searching for these through grassroots up systems

I wish I could help comepetently nominate who among the rest of the circulation lists I am in the thick of knows how to do what but because these things need to combinatorially flow (one misconnect or peson gping walkabout destroying all the multiplcation of impossible becomes possible when right action right time right people right place ) and connect- let's start with any remaining issues on videos and then if there is another topic let's see who we all feel able to add in to this circulation


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